Scholarship Success Stories

CCAF Scholarship Recipient Lisa Cleveland received funding from CCAF beginning in 2002 and now is employed, using her Master's Degree in the field of Social Work.

"For the kind things you've done and for all the happiness you've brought, thank you. God bless you and your families for the great things CCAF does for those of us that are infected with HIV/AIDS. I am deeply grateful."

Charles was funded for three years by the Helen Veress-Mitchell Scholarship Fund and is now studying nursing. He writes:

"Thanking you for your tireless effort and energy in supporting people of my nature. God bless you all. Thanks one more time."

Miguel Diaz is working on a Master's Degree in Nursing and has been helped by the CCAF Scholarship Program since its inception in 2002. He now serves on the Board of Directors of Capital City AIDS Fund.

"Thank you very much. You have no idea how much this is going to help me. Thank you and God bless."

Letter to CCAF from 18-year-old Christina who received a $1,500 CCAF scholarship in 2005 so she could attend college:

"Some people live their lives not ever really knowing what brings them joy or what they really wish to accomplish in life. Thinking that they will have a tomorrow or many years from now, they put off things they wish to do. Things such as finally taking that trip to Hawaii, buying that thing they have always wanted, or going back to school for those classes they always said they were going to take.

While there is another group of people that live their life knowing that their chances of passing from this life to the next will probably come sooner than later. This set of peole are forced to live in a world of this day might be my last. These people can't put off their dreams for a later date because they do not know if next month they will be sick in the hospital or unable to get out of bed.

My name is Christina and I am one of those people that must never for a moment take for granted the time they have right now. I was born with HIV and I have had to live the 18-years of my life as if any day I will get sick.

After watching this disease claim the life of my brother, Kevin, and my mother Shannon, I know very well what living with AIDS means to you. I have come to terms with the fact that I will not grow old and die at the age of 80 but that does not mean that I do not have dreams and goals I hope to accomplish before my time comes. One of those dreams is to go to college and get my degree in interior design and one day own by own business.

With organizations like Capital City AIDS Fund, it makes my dream of being an interior designer easier to obtain and hopefully I will not leave this world knowing that there was something I never did get to do."

Christina died from complications related to AIDS six months after receiving her Helen Veress-Mitchell Scholarship from Capital City AIDS Fund.